Lost in Time… (Well, it worked, with one little bug…)

Hello, Everyone! We are still here… are you?
Thank you for your (unexpected but appreciated) comments; we hope this update finds you happy and well. I (Don) apologize for our unknowing neglect, and hope you will be able to laugh with us at the “Time capsule” which has been created here since 2011.
This blog was created mostly as an experiment, to establish a web presence. I never really expected anyone (except family members) to post anything. You can imagine my surprise, therefore, when today (after our web host migrated everything to new servers last week) I received an email saying “A new comment is waiting approval.” Stunned (since it was the only email I have ever received), I realized someone had actually replied to the blog. I logged in, and looked at the message. It was spam, of course — but along with 41 other unwanted messages,  were 14 friendly and sincere comments from friends! Apparently, a WordPress (or system configuration) bug disappeared during migration, and email notification finally worked as it should!
We are delighted to hear from everyone, and hope that your email addresses are still valid.  We will post replies here soon, or try to contact you personally.  If you are still alive, thank you for your patience and understanding. In the future, we will try to reply to your inquiries more often than every two years…
- Don, Grandma Thea, and the kids

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Finally — a new Web site!

Welcome to our new Web site, which is about six years overdue…  ;-)
The site will be pretty sparse for a while, but should grow as time passes.

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